We understand that receiving your swimsuit from Magical Mermaids is an extremely exciting event. We love all the photos and videos you send to us of our happy Magical Mermaids! Please read the terms and conditions below to avoid any confusion when purchasing a Magical Mermaid swimsuit.

We Promise Quick Order Processing:

Within 24 hours of placing your order your package will be on its way to you (excluding weekends and public holidays).

We Promise Quality Products:

We assure high quality Magical Mermaid Swimsuits. In the rare event that there a manufacturing defect, we will either replace or repair the item. Please note that Magical Mermaids does not take responsibility for wear and tear of you tails and fins. Due to the fact that all swimming pool surfaces are different please be careful not to tear your tail. Another tip is not to drag or jump on your fins. Should you break the insert of your fin we do sell the replacements separately. Should you not be happy with the product and would like to request a return – the products may not have been worn and not have touched water. Once your return has reached us and we have reviewed the garment your refund will be released. Warranty refunds are for product only and do not include shipping charges. Please remember that the customer is responsible for all shipping charges to return the item to us. If you need to return an item please contact customer service via this link.

We Promise Courtesy and Respect:

We respect and are appreciative of our customers, and would be grateful for customers who extend the same courtesies to us.


We only have the option of courier to guarantee the arrival of your product. Our courier costs are a flat rate to all areas within South Africa and Abroad.

Magical Mermaid Tips

  • When you get tired from swimming in the monofin take it off and have a rest.
  • Please learn to swim confidently in the monofin before heading into the deep end.
  • Don’t scrape your tail against the side of the pool or against the paving – you will damage your tail.
  • Do not sit or move around on rough surfaces with your tail.  Once you are finished swimming rather take your tail off and transform back into a Human to avoid the back of your tail getting damaged.
  • Although strong the Monofin is not unbreakable so do not bend your Monofin, or jump on it, it is made for swimming only. Please stand with both feet and your feet flat.
    Should your child break the inner an insert replacement can be purchased. The covers for the fin can also be purchased if damaged. Please note we are not responsible and there is no guarantee should the children nick the fabric on their tails. We are not liable due to the nature of the sport and because of the different textures of swimming pools. No wear and tear claims can be made against Magical Mermaids. Only the stitching and actual workmanship will be considered.

6. When you first trying your Monofin – ask an adult to help you swim with the Monofin and learn the dolphin kick – it’s just like butterfly. 

Magical Mermaid moms: Washing Instructions

  • Rinse through cold water immediately after being in contact with chemicals such as chlorine, sea water.
  • Do not soak in warm water.
  • Do not ring the tail out. Lay in out to dry not in direct sunlight
  • Do not use any detergents.